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ObrazekShinedown is an American alternativ metal band from Florida, First form was in 2001 by Brent Smith, Brad Stewart, Jasin Todd, and Barry Kerch. The band has released three albums. Their songs belonged to Top 5 Mainstream rock tracks. Shinedown’s the newest desk is very popular with name The Sound of Nadnese.

They have very destable history. Members, who played in this band is really many. This formo f Shinedown is since 2005 and It is perhabs the best ever. On December 12, 2006, Shinedown played a concert in Knoxville, Tennessee at The Tennessee Theatre which was filmed for a DVD. "We don't want to put anything out if the band is gonna be presented in the wrong way," Smith said. "I might be able to bootleg it later on ... but as of now I don't see it coming out." In late 2007 after taking some time off, the band returned to studio to record a new album.



  • Eric Bass   Obrazek 
  • Brent Smith   Obrazek
  • Barry   Obrazek
  • Zach   Obrazek


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  • Leave a Whisper
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