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Cry For Help

You've been hiding out
For quite a while now,
Living off of people you know
Trying to raise a little money
To pay off all the monkeys
That you met inside the
Rabbit hole
You're taking candy from the white witch
You're smoking tea with Mama Kin
Well, there's a wolf outside
A brick house screaming;
"This time I'm gonna blow it in!"

Because the mind is a weapon, see
And it's got you on
Your hands and knees
Pull the trigger if you're gonna
We all know that you wanna
Count of 1, 2, 1, 2, 3!

You better pray that theres
Another way out
You better pray that
Someones listening now
(And doesn't wanna watch you drown)
'Cause when you lie like
The devil himself
No angels gonna hear your
Cry for help!

I know you must really think
It's funny, you had everybody
Fooled in the end
But it's a little unassuming
Considered how you knew me
I'm the only one that called
You a friend