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ObrazekBlue October isn't just your average, everyday rock band from Texas. The group was formed in Houston in the late '90s by lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Justin Furstenfeld, his drummer brother Jeremy, multi-instrumentalist Ryan Delahoussaye, and later joined by guitarist/vocalist CB Hudson and bassist Matt Noveskey. The group's epic live shows and exploration of subjects like mental depression, drug use, love, betrayal, forgiveness, and cathartic transcendence have helped them amass a strong, loyal following through five albums, three of which have been released by Universal Records. Blue October released their first album, The Answers, in 1998. The group was signed to Universal for their August 2000 major-label debut, Consent To Treatment, but with rock radio non-responsive, they were soon dropped. The band then signed with Brando Records and released History For Sale in July 2003. When "Calling You," which was also included on the American Wedding soundtrack, began picking up airplay in Dallas and other Texas cities, Universal offered to re-sign the group. After considering several other major label offers, Blue October decided to return to the very label that dropped them. "We're not an easy band to understand," says Justin about the decision to return to their major-label home.




·  The Answers

·  Consent to Treatment

·  History for Sale

·  Foiled

· Approaching Normal